Poorna Santhri clears UPSC being visually impaired-Know her story

UPSC (IAS) Success Story: 25-year-old Poorna Santhri clears UPSC 2019 despite being visually impaired, gives credit to parents - Know her story

Poorna Santhri clears UPSC being visually impaired-Know her story

UPSC: Poorna Santhri, a resident of Tamil Nadu, despite being visually impaired, did what most of the youth of the country dream of fulfilling. On the strength of her hard work, Poorna cleared the UPSC Civil Services 2019 exam and secured 286 rank. Former cricketer Mohammad Kaif praised him on Twitter:

 Where most people give up on the challenges and failures that come in life, 25 year old Poorna Santhri has become an example for these people with her success. However, Poorna had to come a long way for this success. She was preparing for the UPSC exam since 2016 and in her fourth attempt, Poorna cracked the exam. She gives full credit for this success to her parents. Let us know how was his struggling journey:

Lost eyesight at the age of 5

At the age of five, Poorna's eyesight started decreasing. Her parents got her treated at the Arvind Eye Hospital in Madurai, though doctors told them that Poorna was suffering from a rare degenerative disorder. Gradually his right eye became completely blind and surgery was done to try to save his left eye. Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful and Poorna gradually lost both her eyesight.

Parents helped day and night 

Poorna did her schooling from Madurai Pilimar Sangam Higher Secondary School. She says "I started dreaming of becoming an IAS officer in class XI." He further said that hearing about IAS officers like T Udhayachandran and U Sagayam inspired him to appear in the civil services examination. She wants to serve in the fields like education, health and women empowerment by becoming an IAS.

Poorna's UPSC preparation journey has not been an easy one. Being visually impaired, he had to face many challenges in reading. But his parents and friends supported him in this journey and contributed to fulfill his dream of becoming an IAS. She explains, "I didn't get all the study material in audio format. So my parents used to read books for me day and night and my friends helped convert some books into audio format. He even helped me to find the necessary study material from the internet and make it available. It is their cooperation and hard work that has made me an IAS officer."

Former cricketer Mohammad Kaif praised on Twitter

Former cricketer Mohammad Kaif shared Poorna's success story by tweeting and gave a message to keep working hard to fulfill his dreams. In this tweet he writes "Visual Impaired Poorna Sunthari, 25, from TN beat the odds and cracked UPSC exam. Since audio study material was hard to find, her parents and friends helped her read books and convert it into audio. Helped him so that he could become an IAS officer. Never stop chasing your dreams."

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