Know the story-Blind by birth Bala clears UPSC in 9th attempt-

UPSC (IAS) Success Story: Blind by birth Bala Nagendran clears UPSC in 9th attempt and secured 659th rank-

Know the story-Blind by birth Bala clears UPSC in 9th attempt-

Bala Nagendran, who is 100% blind since birth, has cleared the UPSC exam not only once but thrice. However, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an IAS by securing 659th rank in the UPSC Civil Services 2019 examination.

“I never accept my blindness as a challenge. Personally, I consider it a powerful tool. It has made me realize the importance of inner-view. My visual impairment has helped me get to know people better."

This is to say of D Balanagendran, a resident of Tamil Nadu. Blind since birth, Bala has lived her life with only positive thinking. This young man, who has been preparing for the UPSC exam since 2011, fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS after 9 years. Bala, who faces every challenge with a smile, has achieved this position only through his hard work and devotion to the goal. Let us know about the journey of struggle of these talented person:

Bala Nagendran is a resident of Chennai

Bala completed her schooling from Little Flower Convent and Rama Krishna Mission School. After this he completed his B.Com degree from Loyla College, Chennai. Bala's father is retired from the Indian Army and currently works as a taxi driver in Chennai. His mother is a housewife. Bala was very fast in studies since childhood and a teacher from his school encouraged him to become an IAS.

Failed in UPSC for 4 consecutive times but did not give up

Bala started preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2011. Although he had some difficulty in converting all the books into Braille language at that time, but the desire to fulfill his dream made everything easy for him. After this Bala appeared for UPSC 4 times and failed every time. With the unwavering confidence to eventually become an IAS officer, Balangendran put these setbacks aside and pursued his ambition. No obstacle was infallible for him. Not even the fact that he is blind. 'I never considered it a hindrance,' says 31-year-old, 'cause I was born that way

Was not selected in UPSC Grade A service in 2017

It was four years ago (2016) that D Balanagendran cleared the UPSC exam for the first time. He secured 927th rank and was selected for Group-A services. Although he did not join it. His eyes were fixed on his real target - the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). He took the exam again in 2017, but missed his target by a narrow margin of 1 point.

Fulfilled the set target by passing the UPSC exam in 9th attempt

On his failures, Bala says that "I had confidence but lacked ability", that is why he did not think of giving up even a single day in 9 years. With every attempt, he rectified his shortcomings and after 9 years of hard work, he secured 659th rank in the UPSC Civil Services 2019 examination.

IAS Armstrong considers Pame as his role model

Bala takes inspiration from former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Kamaraj and IAS officer Armstrong Pame. IAS Armstrong is popular for building a 100 km road connecting Manipur to Nagaland. He had built this road on his own without the financial and labor assistance of the government. Bala wants to work to stop exploitation and crime against children by becoming an IAS.

Bala says “To eradicate poverty, unemployment and all other social calamities, quality education is the only solution. I definitely want to work in this department and bring inclusion in education.

Bala is an inspiration to crores of youth of India. They believe that a person becomes bigger not by his wealth but by his knowledge. He says that no goal is so big that it cannot be achieved with hard work and confidence.

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